From Italy with Love: Capri and Amalfi Coast Wedding

A Capri or Amalfi Coast wedding accounts for around 16.9% of all foreign marriages in Italy.

Capri and the Amalfi Coast are often listed as the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. Travellers often cite the radiant weather, exquisite culture and gorgeous scenery as the reasons these places have become such beloved holiday locations. Because of this, couples have travelled to Italy from across the world to have their dream Capri or Amalfi Coast wedding.

In a study conducted by the tourisim consultants JFC, it was revealed that 16.9% of all foreign marriages in Italy were celebrated in either Capri or the Amalfi Coast in 2017. When ranking the most sought-after locations for newlyweds, a Capri or Amalfi Coast wedding ranked just below Tuscany.

Tuscany claimed the top spot with Veneto following closely behind a Capri or Amalfi Coast wedding. These statistics suggest Italy has become a favourable location for newlyweds, either planning their wedding or Italy honeymoon.

From strength to strength

In 2017 the estimated revenue generated from wedding tourism in Italy was 385 million euros, 2.3% higher than 2016’s figure. If Italy continues this level of growth, experts predict wedding tourism will increase a further 6.8% in 2018. As a result, a Capri and Amalfi Coast wedding has continued to attract the attention of numerous tourists, increasing the demand for trips to the Italian region of Campania.

Since Capri and the Amalfi Coast reside within the region, Campania has risen to become one of the top four resorts in Italy with the highest growth in tourism. This rings especially true for the smaller, more reserved villages that dot the Amalfi Coast. Some of the most popular places to visit along the Amalfi Coast are Positano, Amalfi (its namesake) and Ravello.

On average, those who travel to Italy for a wedding tend to stay around 8–9 days. Comparatively, unmarried guests average around 3–4 days per stay. It seems spouses tend to embrace the culture of Italy for a little longer, soaking up as much as they can while staying at this romantic destination. Another reason why spouses tend to stay a little longer is many couples often combine their Italy wedding and honeymoon. With all it’s splendour, it’s easy to see why this might be the case.

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