Hotel to Open in Naples’ Maritime Station

A new hotel is to open in the historic Maritime Station of Naples in spring 2019.

The Maritime Station of Naples, which is managed by Terminal Napoli, was built in 1936 to cater to the increase in sea transportation to and from Italy’s south coast.

In a unique move to offer tourists an unconventional cultural stay in Naples, it was recently announced by Tommaso Cognolato, president of Terminal Napoli, that a hotel is to open in the ground floor of the historic station.

It is envisaged that the hotel will mainly cater to cruise-ship passengers staying a few days in Naples, and will offer 70 double rooms designed in a modern style to contrast with the historic surroundings. In fact, Francesco Buonfantino, the head of the design studio Gnosis Progetti, suggested that the hotel’s interior will be inspired by colors of the sea, and attention will be made to creating a spacious environment, with generous rooms and large corridors.

There will also be an outdoor courtyard for guests to enjoy with views of the sea.

If you are planning a vacation to Naples in 2019 and would like to stay at the Maritime Station hotel, contact us to find out more about our luxury cruises of Italy’s south coast.